A Contractor’s Guide to Construction Invoicing

construction invoice

Joist also enables customer payments by credit card, debit card, eCheck, or through PayPal. Web-based payments allow firms to get paid faster, no longer requiring a visit to the customer or job site just to get a final signature on payment paperwork. Finally, users can set milestone payment schedules where customers pay as the job progresses.

construction invoice

ProjectPro – Best for Microsoft Dynamics Users

construction invoice

Keep your construction project running full force and ensure prompt payment with this easy-to-use construction job invoice template. In each construction-specific field, enter client contact information, details about the materials, the job date range, a description of work, a labor breakdown, and any miscellaneous charges. The template will automatically calculate individual cost subtotals, as well as the total, at the bottom of the template. In addition to contractor invoice templates, other tech tools can help you significantly streamline your invoicing process, saving you time and effort. They include features like automated reminders for overdue payments and the ability to track the status of your invoices.

How to make sure your invoice gets paid

Houzz Pro is the all-in-one tool for marketing, project and client management built specifically for remodeling, build, and design professionals. If there is any inconsistency in regards to the sub or supplier’s company information, it should be confirmed. Be sure that the information lines up with the information in the contract documents. By submitting a conditional waiver, no rights are waived until payment is made. At the same time, once payment comes, lien rights for that payment are permanently waived. Every construction business has its own invoicing practices, and everyone knows what works best for them.

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  • The design is clean and covers crucial details without overwhelming clients.
  • Also, this date will be used to determine late fees and interest when applicable.
  • The template also provides space for you to detail any extra work for accurate, up-to-date invoicing.
  • We’re not saying you can’t do that on Excel, but if you value your free time and sanity, you’re much better off with a specialist construction accounting software tool.
  • Also, your invoice may include information from your credit policy, like payment terms and penalties for late payment.

Larger construction companies likely realize why they should have construction invoice templates, but smaller outfits might not. There are some significant benefits to developing or utilizing a solid construction invoice template. In cases where the customer information might be different than the project information, be sure to include it on the construction invoice template.

construction invoice

You can secure the document with password protection, ensuring restricted access for those who need it. The document presents a clean and structured layout with well-defined sections. Its professional color scheme blends corporate blue with a white background. The pros and cons are almost identical to time and materials here – the only difference construction invoice is how your fee is charged. The big difference is that you don’t charge for the hours worked, you instead add a set or percentage fee – usually based on the size or value of the property. It also protects you from the financial risk created by change orders and scope creep, as any additional charges are passed onto the customer.

Premier Construction Software

When it comes to breaking the invoice down into the nitty-gritty details, you’ll need to include a section for materials. Include a column for the description of the material, a column for the individual price, and a column for the quantity. We curated this guide to the top construction billing software, leveraging over two decades of research and user reviews of features like automated invoicing and payment collection tracking. Visme’s invoice maker offers a comprehensive solution to craft professional, visually appealing contract invoices tailored to diverse business requirements. The distinctive features we’ve mentioned will streamline invoicing, improve communication and contribute to a more efficient financial workflow. Using the appropriate invoice type for your contract invoicing can boost efficiency, refine cash flow management and ultimately foster success.

  • Lump sum and unit price are less concerned with individual materials and more concerned with overall amounts and percentages.
  • Zoho improves invoicing processes through customized templates, workflow automation, and real-time collaboration with your team and clients.
  • When it comes to breaking the invoice down into the nitty-gritty details, you’ll need to include a section for materials.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of including the date on your invoice template.
  • One important detail to always include is a reference to the quote or estimate.

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construction invoice

This construction invoice template is a perfect fit for construction, repair and maintenance service companies. Billing details are placed at the center of the design so that they are easy to see and hard to overlook. Impress clients with this straightforward and easy-to-understand standard invoice. The independent contractor invoice template provides a succinct overview of all transactions. It has a solid blue border that emphasizes the central information, creating a neat and organized appearance. Sending an accurate, professional and timely contractor invoice is a crucial step in every job, and helps assure the success of your business.

Project Information

  • We have the local knowledge and connections necessary to perform this work better than any company with a “regional office”.
  • Clients will be more likely to pay their bills immediately if they are offered a clear timeline detailing payments.
  • You won’t need all of these details in every type of invoice, but some are universal.
  • By establishing a single source of truth for tracking costs, change orders, and compliance to ensure a faster, more efficient invoicing process.
  • Under his leadership, the company has successfully completed projects for various municipalities and private owners throughout the state and region.

We can keep track of our income and expenditure easily, and also create and send professional looking invoices to our clients in no time. For instance, a supplier will send an invoice to a GC after completing a delivery. A GC will send a payment application to the owner along other documentation providing evidence https://www.bookstime.com/ to the labor, time, and materials they are billing for. Invoices are generally straightforward bills from vendors or contractors on smaller jobs or residential projects. Zoho improves invoicing processes through customized templates, workflow automation, and real-time collaboration with your team and clients.


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